Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Half-Lap Joint Cutter Machines

3 Industrial Half-Lap Joint Machines

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3 Half Lap Joint Machine Models From Ideal Machine

In January of 2023, Ideal Machine purchased the inventory and the manufacturing rights of the Newport Machine lineup from Crestfield Machine, formerly Hermance Machine Company.

There are only a few differences among the 3 different MH Half Lap Joint Machine models from Ideal. All 3 of the MH series machines are perfect for cutting Half Lap joints in wood, vinyl, and aluminum. These joints are most commonly used in SDL and TDL bars, window grills, and decorative cabinetry. Their general machinery specifications are all the same, the difference is that each unit offers one or two features that the unit before it in the lineup does not. These added features are all listed below.

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MH-4 Half Lap Joint Machine

Manual Half Lap Model:
The operator must manually feed your raw materials.

MH-4E Half Lap Joint Machine

Automatic Half Lap Model:
The automatic material pusher is a standard feature.

MH-4ES Half Lap Joint Machine

Deluxe Half Lap Model:
Full servo operation is standard.
The angle saw for end cuts is an available option.


MH-4 Half Lap Joint Machine Specifications

Motors: 3 @ 1.1Kw ea. (1.5HP ea.)
Voltage: 220-480 V
RPM: 6,200 RPM @ 60Hz
Air: 6 Bar (85 PSI)

Tooling: Insert Carbide
Dado: 200mm (7.875”)

Profile: 140mm (5.500”)
Minimum Profile:
Wide: ¼”
High: ¼”

Maximum Profile:
Wide: 1.5”
High: 1.5”

Dust Collection: 6” Diameter

Cycle Time: 4-6 Seconds

(Tooling Not Included)

Ideal Machine's Industrial Half Lap Joint Cutting Machines

The half-lapped joint consists of two pieces of material, the horizontal and vertical pieces that create a strong, interlocking joint. Regardless of the profiles chosen, the cut is the same, and changeover and tooling costs are reduced which increases your production efficiency. Upon request, you can get custom machine configurations like cut list downloads and NC positioning systems.

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Why Choose An Ideal Machine Industrial Half Lap Cutter?

Ideal Machine is re-introducing the Newport Half-Lap Machines into the market. We are so excited to offer the MH-4, MH-4E, and MH-4ES Half Lap Joint Machines to the woodworking industry. All 3 machines are now available under the Ideal Machine brand. If you are interested in an American-made Half-Lap Joint Cutting Machine then Ideal Machine’s Half-Lap Machines are what you’re looking for. 

If you need a custom configuration or if you have questions about the functionality of the Half-Lap Machines simply fill out a quote request and indicate your interest in a Half-Lap or fill out a contact form and ask us your question. We are excited to offer these machines on the market and get them back in circulation after 2 years of no availability.

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3 Efficient Half Lap Joint Models

Ideal Machine offers 3 different Half Lap Machine models to meet your specific shop needs.

The MH-4 is our manual half lap machine that requires the most from your operators.

The MH-4E half lap comes standard with an automatic material pusher which cuts down on the requirements of your operator.

The MH-4ES half lap machine comes with an angle end saw that cuts a 45-degree cut on the ends of your half lapped pieces.