Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Rack With Removable Shelves

Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Shelves

We built this Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Rack to use in our warehouse. We designed this industrial metal shelving with removable steel rack shelves to make accessing our material easier and more convenient.

A key feature of this heavy-duty steel rack is the built-in forklift slots on each metal shelf. This makes it easy for our operators to pull out the steel rack drawer that they need. This speeds up our manufacturing process. Anything that can make a shop or warehouse more efficient can equate to profit increases over time.

Creating solutions to our customer's problems is something that we enjoy and take great pride in at Ideal Machine. We share this example of our in-house problem-solving to help you see what the possibilities could be for your business.

If you are in need of a custom heavy-duty industrial steel rack for material storage don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you design and implement a solution to your heavy metal shelving needs.

We also built an automated heavy-duty steel rack with a material retrieval system for a customer recently. In that design, the industrial steel rack retrieves the metal shelves for you with a touchscreen control panel. Our customer was able to eliminate the need for forklift material retrieval altogether making their operation safer and more efficient. Click to see pictures and details of our custom automated material retrieval system steel rack.


Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Rack - Industrial Metal Shelving For Warehouse