Custom Automated Material Retrieval System

Automated Steel Rack

Ideal Machine specializes in woodworking machinery like our stile and rail machine, the RM-100, or our MH-4 Half Lap Machines. We also specialize in custom machinery for manufacturing. This Automated Material Retrieval Steel Rack is a great example of one of our custom projects.

Our customer was using brackets mounted on their wall to store their steel material before working with us to implement this automated steel rack. We were able to design, build, and install this 19-foot tall steel rack that auto-delivers individual shelves of material.

Operators use the touchscreen controls to indicate which material shelf they want and the automated steel rack does the rest! The steel rack returns the material shelf and then retrieves the next indicated shelf providing smooth and fast material processing. Trusting an automated system like this eliminates the need for a forklift for material retrieval which is slower and less safe.

If you need something like this for your shop or warehouse we can customize the design to fit your space and specific needs. Contact us today with questions about an automated material retrieval system to improve your manufacturing process!


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