High-Efficiency And Versatile Stile And Rail Wood Moulder

High-production Stile And Rail Moulder Machine

  • Consistent Products

  • Increased Throughput

  • Lower Labor Costs

RM-100 MiniMoulder Stile And Rail Moulder From Ideal Machine

With the RM-100 from Ideal Machine, you can increase material production consistency and cut down on labor costs with our operator-friendly configurations. We offer multiple versions of the MiniMoulder to meet your specific needs. Features like our optional material hopper, touch screen controls, automated outer material fence, and more will make this machine an essential stile and rail moulder in your operation. Ask about our different available features when you submit your quote request to get the custom machine design that will best meet your needs.

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RM-100 Stile And Rail Wood Moulder Specifications

  • HSK interchangeable spindle, standard.
  • 8 HP at 7,500 RPM
  • 230 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz standard
  • Variable speed RPM
  • Bore diameter determined by tool holders
  • Hopper feeding, typically face down
  • Digitally positioned sizing fence
  • Up to 20 preset “recipes“ for pre-programmed set-ups
  • Part length max: none
  • Part length min: 3-1/2” (depending on part width)
  • Part width max: 8-1/2”
  • Part width min: 1-1/2”
  • Dust collection: 2 outlets at 4”
  • Climb or conventional cutting
  • Compressed air required: 80 PSI

RM-100 Stile And Rail Wood Moulder Available Options

  • Hydraulic HSK interchangeable spindle
  • Manual setting of sizing fence
  • Digital readout for axial adjustment
  • Higher HP Spindles up to 20 HP

RM-100 Hiland Model - No Hopper Feed Stile And Rail Wood Moulder

The Hiland Model RM-100 wood moulder is just like the other RM-100 stile and rail machines except it does not have an automatic hopper feed system. This makes it better for longer pieces of material. This is only one example of the many different options you have when choosing a wood moulder from Ideal Machine's RM-100 lineup.

Moulding & Shaping Designed To Increase Productivity

The RM-100 MiniMoulder from Ideal Machine is an industrial stile and rail machine. We have engineered and revised this woodworking machine to be the absolute best in compact wood molders. Featuring an optional material hopper that pairs perfectly with the material belt feeder, your operators will be able to load material, let the hopper and feeder do the work, and get more done with each batch of pieces.

We've designed our MiniMoulders to be operator-friendly with intuitive touchscreen controls and an automated outer fence. You will get consistent, precision stile and rail molding every time. Much like our Industrial Wood Shaper, the RM-100 has an HSK cutter head that allows for quick change tooling without hassle which saves you production time.

From our molders and shapers to our custom machinery, robotics, and half lap machines we know that efficiency is king. You won't be disappointed with a machine made by Ideal Manufacturing. Our machinery will help you cut down on labor costs and increase quality production.

Minimoulder 100_SB5_8626-Hopper

Hopper Feed System

The RM-100 Hopper Feed System is a standard feature of this stile and rail machine. It makes batching material much easier. RM-100s can be ordered without the hopper.

Minimoulder 100_SB5_8626-Touchscreen

Touch Screen Control

The RM-100 offers PLC touchscreen controls. Any operator will be able to quickly learn to use them. PLC controls are optional, manual stile and rail machines can be ordered.

Minimoulder 100_SB5_8626-Quick_Change

HSK Quick Change

HSK spindle cutter heads offer quick tool changing between jobs. This is just another way Ideal Machine's products are easy to use and increase your business's productivity.

Minimoulder 100_SB5_8626-Easy_Operation

Easy Operation

We design our woodworking machines to be simple to operate. Simple operation is smooth operation and smooth operation is fast. That's what we want for our customers.

Minimoulder 100_SB5_8626-Minimal_Maintenance

Minimal Maintenance

Ideal Machines are woodworking machines designed to make your shop more efficient. This means less time maintaining and more producing materials!

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Efficient Stile And Rail Shaping Equipment

Is your shop’s production and profits hurting from the following:

  • Current stile and rail production is inconsistent
  • Setup and operation is time-consuming
  • Your shaping system is not versatile for your shop’s needs

We understand how using an inefficient shaping system makes product consistency difficult.

This is why we developed a versatile shaping machine designed to produce consistent stile and rail products.