Programmed Robot Polishing Arm Cell By Ideal Machine

In-House Robot Polishing Cell Automation

We're especially excited to share this project because it's an in-house application of a Robot Polishing Cell.

We've taken one of our Universal Robot UR10 arms and programmed it to polish the table tops of our stile and rail machines. This is special because we value our partnership with UR as one of their certified integrators. And as we help other companies automate their manufacturing processes we have this opportunity to show you how we are automating ours with a cobot.

Collaborative Robot automation in manufacturing is an excellent way for companies to reduce production costs while also freeing up their workers for more important jobs. There are so many options when it comes to cobot automation. You can go with sanding functions, welding functions, machine tending functions, palletizing functions, general material handling functions, and more.

If you're interested in a cobot automation cell contact us today to begin a conversation.


Universal Robot Polishing Cell - Automated Robot Polishing Arm

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